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How do I upload or email results and other pages from Yue Score from my computer?

The simplest way to do this is by creating a PDF file. To create a PDF file:

1) Select "Print" 2) Change your printer destination to "Save as PDF" 3) Hit "SAVE" (some computers will still use the "Print" button to "Save" when "Save as PDF" is selected) 4) Name the file and hit "Save". That's it.

How do I get access to the director sections?

Become a director, of course :-) Just send me an email and I'll get you set up.

I forgot my password (or want to change my password). What do I do?

No problem. Just go to the login page and click "Reset Password".

I need to convert all my youths and masters into SR times. Help!

Not to worry. USAP does this for their Qualifier events by taking the points earned by youths and masters and looking up their corresponding times on the UIPM SR tables.

That's a lot of work! Instead, just click here where I've calculated them for you. Just click here and select your competition. Done!

Why is my swim time converted to meters?

All times swum in a 25 yard or 25 meter pool must be converted to 50 meter times in order to receive UIPM scoring. I use the algorithm behind the time conversion calculator from US Swimming.

My posted age is older than I really am. Why?

UIPM calculates each athletes age by subtracting the competition year from the athlete's birth year. This is your "Pentathlon Age". Not fair to us fall birthdays, I know!

My competition has already started & I want to change something in my competition setup. Do I need to re-enter all the data?

Nope. I expect this to happen. You can change anything in the competition setup and Yue Score will automatically re-score all the data according to your new criteria.