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Welcome to PentaScore!

Formerly called YueScore

PS is an all-in-one competition and results database website for modern pentathletes that provides easy to use scoring, live results, and a dynamic database. PS is accurate, reliable and FAST.

Live information & results

  • Live dashboards created for every athlete makes competition days organized & efficient
  • Automatic, immediate results. As soon as an athlete scores a point, touches the wall, or clears the finish line, everyone can see the results immediately.
  • Automatic, immediate updates for athlete assignments & announcements throughout the competition. Those inevitable last minute changes are no longer a problem
  • Paperless. No more huddling around printouts to see results!
  • Live web-based results allow anyone across the globe to follow the competition

Easy to use

  • Complete competition setup for a typical competition takes under 1 minute
  • Customization of division distances in a competition is as simple as a single mouse click
  • Athlete entries are easily added, removed or changed right up to the start of the competition
  • With the new referee & timer apps, points and times are DIRECTLY entered into the database with the tap of a phone, eliminating the time & errors from hand entering data

"This new scoring program makes it far easier to organize and host pentathlon events than ever before."
-Simon Pittfield, Regional Director of USA Pentathlon

Fencing appimage

Division Resultsimage

Accurate scoring for everyone

  • Correctly scores ALL divisions, even the tricky master and youth divisions
  • Allows optional addition of age bonus points for masters divisions
  • Automatically converts swim times to 50M for competitions using 25yd or 25m pools
  • Even provides setup, assignments, & results of triathle, biathle and laser-run competitions

"Yue Score streamlined a complex scoring system by eliminating downtime for participants and saved directors 10+ man hours. Brought multi-event record keeping to the 21st century."
-Phaelen French, athlete


Dynamic Database

  • All results in one place! No more carrying folders full of printouts.
  • Search and sort is available from multiple filters, enabling customized analysis
  • Individualized performance graphs track progress. Keeping track of improvements across 5 events is now possible.
  • Always current from automatic updates.