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#NameGYobAmountsMost RecentPrev BestChange
1Jonathan TomM20003 shoots + 2400M run12:5511:459.9%
2Max BeattyM20052 shoots + 800M run5:316:35-16.2%
3Isaac NeivertM20003 shoots + 2400M run12:0911:089.1%
4Alexander YueM20042 shoots + 800M run4:234:32-3.3%
5Kevin MillerM19844 shoots + 3200M run17:0719:50-13.7%
6Thomas WhiteM19974 shoots + 3200M run20:0417:5112.4%
7Alexander WhiteM20013 shoots + 2400M run13:4912:1013.6%
8Braden AndersonM20032 shoots + 1600M run7:407:56-3.4%
9Eric LoveM20022 shoots + 1600M run6:446:46-0.5%
10Jonathan McCutchenM19994 shoots + 3200M run15:2215:220.0%
11Graham MaasM20003 shoots + 2400M run9:549:235.5%
12Mark PohlM19623 shoots + 2400M run (MST)13:1914:59-11.1%
13Logan StoryM19894 shoots + 3200M run12:4512:410.5%
14Joshua SpegmanM19904 shoots + 3200M run13:1912:316.4%
15Lucas SchrimsherM19944 shoots + 3200M run12:4712:470.0%
16Sam RuddockM19934 shoots + 3200M run14:0113:086.7%
17Luke HolmanM19834 shoots + 3200M run14:1013:403.7%
18James LengerM19764 shoots + 3200M run15:0115:09-0.9%
19Keith BerryhillM19594 shoots + 3200M run18:3918:56-1.5%
20Connor HaysM19994 shoots + 3200M run18:1119:35-7.1%
21Hayes BenensonM20104 shoots + 3200M run20:4425:56-20.1%
22Dazani ClineM20024 shoots + 3200M run17:4116:109.4%
23Luke KolbinskieM20032 shoots + 1600M run7:297:33-0.9%
24Alejandro LizarragaM20052 shoots + 800M run5:114:536.1%
25Paul Magnus MayerM20072 shoots + 800M run4:154:025.4%
26Seth RyanM20052 shoots + 800M run4:364:340.7%
27Owen GregoryM20072 shoots + 800M run4:034:010.8%
28Henry ShugartM20024 shoots + 3200M run13:1614:07-6.0%
29Seamus MilletM19994 shoots + 3200M run12:2711:1810.2%
30Merik PohlM20032 shoots + 1600M run8:057:1012.8%
31Jason LoveM20032 shoots + 1600M run8:027:326.6%
32Teslin StetcherM20014 shoots + 3200M run14:2311:1228.4%
33Nathaniel ZacharM20013 shoots + 2400M run10:2510:27-0.3%
34Nathaniel ZacharM20014 shoots + 3200M run13:5113:085.5%
35Teslin StetcherM20013 shoots + 2400M run11:4710:3112.0%
36Jonathan LambertM19773 shoots + 2400M run (MST)16:5917:32-3.1%
37Hazel BeattyM20091 shoot + 400M run2:202:23-2.1%
38Shun YaoM19733 shoots + 2400M run (MST)12:4012:311.2%
39Noah RescateM20004 shoots + 3200M run15:4414:0811.3%
40Pierce RyanM20101 shoot + 400M run3:262:4028.8%
41Seth RyanM20052 shoots + 1600M run8:548:118.8%
42Katherine CallaghanM19753 shoots + 2400M run (MST)16:0714:1313.4%
43Cyrus PatneyM20082 shoots + 800M run5:045:28-7.3%
44Michael LeeM20004 shoots + 3200M run18:5116:4912.1%
45Brody BoonchouyM20082 shoots + 800M run5:584:5919.7%
46Max BeattyM20052 shoots + 1600M run11:1511:18-0.4%
47Shun YaoM19734 shoots + 3200M run18:4616:4012.6%
48Geoffrey YaoM20082 shoots + 800M run4:334:262.6%
49Henry HutchingsM20062 shoots + 800M run4:485:00-4.0%
50Peter PitfieldM20072 shoots + 800M run5:535:432.9%