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    At Yue Score you can search results from participating
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The "LIVE RESULTS" sections of Yue Score posts up-to-the-minute results & calculated scores for competitions. You can look here to find your results within seconds of finishing your event. Directors no longer have to compute complicated algorithms to get everyone's score at the end of each event. Yue Score does it for them, even for the tricky Youth & Masters divisions.

The "COMPETITION DAY" sections provide up-to-the-minute competition day information. You can look here to find athlete heat, lane & piste assignments, competition announcements and volunteer signups --everything you need on competition day. Now you can easily see where & when to go, even when things change at the last minute.

The "RESULTS" sections provides a database of all results from USAP competitions completed since January, 2016. Look here to search, sort, & compare from any of these competitions. Directors, coaches, parents & athletes no longer need to manage dozens of printouts and links of results. Yue Score manages it all in one easy to use database.

The "PERSONAL BESTS" sections take your latest results and finds your best-ever performance in the database, then computes the percent change so that you can track your personal progress as you train and compete. Now you can easily see if all your hard work is actually paying off.

The "DIRECTORS" sections provides all of the features needed for competition directors to easily organize, manage and run competitions. Here, directors can easily manage athlete entries, assign athletes in each event to heat & lanes, use the fencing program to determine the most efficient round robin schedule for fencing assignments & even assign athletes to pistes, utilize the fencing referee feature that enables referees to input scores in real-time right from their assigned piste, have laser-run handicaps calculated automatically, make competition announcements, manage & contact volunteers, and much more. This section is password protected. If you are a competition director, please contact me for password approval.

In a typical year, an Olympic Level pentathlete will log about...


Meters Swimming


Points Fencing


Minutes Riding


Meters Running & Shooting